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Working with Whitelists

One of the typical ways affiliates operate is creating whitelists. A whitelist is a collection of tested and potentially profitable sources or targets. You can either create it on your own or ask account managers for one. Read the following article to learn how to ask for one, create one and what to do once you have it.

Why Use Whitelists?

Whitelist campaigns run only on proven sources or targets. As such, whitelist campaigns shouldn't be the only ones running. The profitability of the whitelisted sources or targets may change and you should have other RON type of campaigns running that may discover new sources or targets.

For now, decide where do you want to get a whitelist from:

Creating a whitelist on your own is a recommended approach as it will be based on your specific data. General whitelists supplied by account managers don't necessarily include all your specifics or targeting options.

Ia. Get a Whitelist From Your Account Manager

If you would like to get a whitelist from your account manager you need to supply them with some information about your campaign.

The required information is as follows:

  • GEO

  • Vertical

  • Offer link

The optional information that you may choose to include is as follows:

  • Offer restrictions

  • Traffic type


Zeropark Note: Send only one GEO and one vertical at the time.

We won't be able to generate a whitelist for you if you do not provide at least the required information.

Once you provide this information, we will send you a whitelist in the form of an Excel file.

Ib. Create a Whitelist on Your Own

If you choose to create a whitelist on your own, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a standard RON campaign for a given traffic type with at least $100 daily budget.


    Zeropark Note: Remember that you have to track conversions in order to correctly identify profitable sources or targets.

  2. Let it run for 3 - 4 days to collect data.

  3. Once you collect some data, go to the campaign's details.

  4. Look at the sources or targets and identify those with:

    • High conversions

    • Low eCPA

  5. Copy the target or source names to any text editing or spreadsheet software.

Congratulations, you have now created a whitelist.

II. Using Whitelists

Once you get a whitelist, you need to create a campaign based on data from that whitelist. In order to do that, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a source or target campaign for any type of traffic.

  2. Set the same traffic targeting options as you have submitted to your account manager or set for your previous RON campaign.

  3. When you reach a step where you are supposed to add sources, click Input sources manually or Bulk add targets button and provide the names from your whitelist.

    For targets

    For sources



    Zeropark Note: Make sure that there are no errors when adding sources.

  4. Run the campaign.

Final Notes

  • Remember that when you input sources or targets manually, no new sources or targets will be added to your campaign. A standard RON campaign will get new sources or targets, whenever they become available.

  • If your whitelist had been supplied by an account manager, it contains suggested bids for each source. You can use them or higher values to win more bids.

  • Note that our whitelists cannot guarantee conversions.