Zeropark Documentation

Traffic Calculator


Learn about how Traffic Calculator can help you estimate volumes of traffic that you may expect from given countries.

Zeropark provides a handy tool for checking average bids and available impressions per given campaign setup. You can calculate the traffic volume and the bid based on variables like:

  • Ad format

  • Device

  • OS

  • Geo

  • Carrier

  • Keyword

  • Source

All estimations are based on historical data.

To get started, go to the web page.

The tool is divided into 3 main tabs: VOLUME, KEYWORDS, and SOURCE. From there you can select the ad format of your interest.


In the picture below you can see the traffic volumes for pop ads.


To narrow down your results, you can filter them by:

  • Device:

  • OS:

  • Traffic category (adult or non-adult):


Keep in mind that some options may not always be for filtering if they are not supported. For instance, since Push traffic is non-adult only, there’s no traffic category filter in the PUSH tab of our tool.


Zeropark tip: For domain and pop traffic, the volume is expressed by the number of available impressions and it’s paired with an average bid (in USD). For push, it’s the number of available clicks and a minimum suggested bid.

If you select to display mobile devices only and press the green arrow point down next to the country you’re interested in, you can see the estimates on the carrier level.



Moving on to the KEYWORDS tab (available only for pop and domain traffic). Here you can do research for your keyword campaigns. You can filter the keywords by country, device, OS and traffic category. You can also search for a specific keyword.


Once you provide a keyword, the first entry on the list will be an exact match and the remaining entries will be a broad match.


Finally, there’s the SOURCE tab. You can filter the sources by country, device, OS and the traffic category they belong to. You can also search for a specific source.


When you click on the green See details button next to a source name, you will see the source’s volumes and average/suggested bids in the countries it’s available for.


From there you can filter by device or OS.