Zeropark Documentation

Top up Your Account


This article provides instructions and explanations regarding topping up your Zeropark account to have credit for buying traffic. Learn how to make a deposit.

In order to start receiving traffic, you will need to top up your account. Topping up works just like a pre-paid phone: you pay a certain amount of money to your Zeropark account and this amount of money is then used to buy traffic. When you run out of money, Zeropark will stop buying traffic.

Note on Account Verification

If you have not provided information required to verify your account, you will be reminded to do so before the top-up. You won't be able to top up before you do so.

To perform a top up, provide all necessary information and click the Submit and continue button.


How to Top Up Your Account

To make a top-up, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Top Up button in the top right corner. The Top-up pop-up window will appear.



    Zeropark Note: The Top Up button will be inactive until your Zeropark account has been verified.

  2. Select the currency of your payment.

  3. Select the top-up amount. Note that some payment methods have minimal or maximal limits of the top-up amount. More on that in the paragraph below.

  4. Select the payment method.

  5. Click the Next button.

  6. Provide payment details appropriate for the selected method of payment and proceed.

The minimum Zeropark top-up is $200.

Available Payment Methods

There are different ways to top up your account:

  • PayPal: You can pay by PayPal through the Zeropark Dashboard. 4% surcharge will be added to your top-up in order to cover PayPal’s charges. This payment method is limited to $5000 per month, but the limit can be extended by your Account Manager or a member of the Customer Success team.


    Zeropark Note: If your PayPal’s email doesn’t match your Zeropark’s email, you will need to go through the steps for PayPal email verification.

  • Wire Transfer: The minimum top-up by Wire Transfer is $1000. With the top-up higher than $1000, Zeropark will cover all costs on a transfer. The bank account details will be provided after selecting the wire transfer method in the Top-up pop-up window.


    Zeropark Note: Keep in mind that the credentials that you can find in the Zeropark interface are for payments in USD. If you want to pay in EUR or PLN, request the coordinate credentials from Zeropark team. If needed, you can also get the pro forma invoices on request.

  • WebMoney: You can use WebMoney payment system. 2% surcharge will be added to your top-up in order to cover WebMoney's charges. This payment method is limited to $5000 per month, but the limit can be extended by your Account Manager or a member of the Customer Success team.

  • Credit card: All major credit cards are accepted. Note that the first credit card top-up is limited to $300.

  • Paxum: Zeropark enables you to pay via Paxum. You need to take into account that using this method will force us to transfer the money manually, therefore it might take some time for Zeropark team to process it. There is a $1 charge for each payment in Paxum.

    To transfer money via Paxum, select the Wire Transfer method and copy the ZP number displayed in the TITLE paragraph. Then copy the ZP number and send it with your top-up to The ZP number should be added to the payment comments.


    Zeropark Tip: If you think that there is a problem with your top-up, send us the transaction ID to allocate those funds of yours in our system and assign the transfer properly.

Additional Charges

Apart from the top-up amount, there are the following additional charges included in the final payment amount:

  • Service fee: This is to cover the operational costs of handling a transaction. It is imposed by the payment method. Different payment methods have different service fees amounts.

  • Tax: This is only applicable if you have not provided a valid SSN / TAX / VAT ID number in your account settings. Once you provide the number it will be verified and after successful verification, the tax value will be removed.

When the Money is Transferred

Once your account is topped up with credit and your campaigns are approved, you will start receiving traffic. You can find receipts of your payments under the Payments tab on your Dashboard.