Zeropark Documentation

Conversion Testing

Zeropark provides you with an easy solution to test your campaign setup. The conversion testing feature allows you to go further than you would go with manually activating your campaign URL. This is achieved by running this test click through the Zeropark's system. This means that an actual click ID value will be assigned, along with the values in place of tokens. This allows you to test conversions tracking in Zeropark.

Whether you use a tracker or not, testing your campaign's setup is always a good idea. This allows you to avoid common errors, such as:

  • Domain mismatch

  • Incorrect tracking tokens

  • Incorrect postback URL

  • Incorrect tracker setup


Zeropark Note: When you use Voluum as your tracker, all tracking tokens will be configured automatically.

Before You Start

Testing your campaign funnel requires recreating the same conditions that you have selected to target. For example, if you target traffic coming from the Netherlands, you should use a VPN service to change your location to this country. Otherwise, depending on the settings, you might not reach your destination page. So, before the test, recreate the following conditions:

  • Country, if you target a specific country or countries.

  • Device type and OS type, if you target specific device types and OSs.

  • Connection type, if you target specific connection types.

  • Time of day and week, if you use the day-parting feature.

Testing Your Campaign Funnel

In order to test your campaign's setup, perform the following steps:

  1. In Zeropark, go to your campaign's detailed view.

  2. Copy the test link and activate in the new web browser's tab.


    Activating this link will generate a valid click ID value that will be assigned to your test visit. You should be directed to your landing page or offer page, depending on your setup. Try to follow a visitor's journey as far as possible. This means that you should also try to generate a conversion, if you have configured conversion tracking. Once you do so, go to Zeropark and verify the following:

    • The Redirects count has increased by 1.

    • The Conversions count (if a conversion has been generated) has increased by 1


      Zeropark Note: Zeropark does not take any money for this test visit from your account, so your cost will not change, as it would increase with a real visit.

Once you verify everything in Zeropark, you can go to your tracker and check your data there. Ensure that it has recorded your visit characteristic (country, device type and so on) correctly and all information that you wanted to pass in tokens has been passed.