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Rule-Based Optimization


Learn how to use Rule-Based Optimization. Automate parts of the decision-making process by creating a set of rules that your campaigns will act upon.

Rule-Based Optimization enables your campaigns to self-optimize effectively, according to the rules you set. This ensures that your campaigns run well and you spend your money only on the traffic that converts. The feature is only available for users who have set up conversion tracking.

The following article describes how to create rules automatically and manually.

How Does It Work?

The Rule-Based Optimization feature is constructed in a way that resembles standard IF-THEN logical statements, so they are easy to understand. The structure for a rule is as follows:

IF a condition is met FOR the selected criterion WITHIN a given time frame, THEN perform a certain action.

You can create more than one rule. The system will follow each rule in order from the first to the last one.


Zeropark Note: The rules are checked every 5 minutes, so if the campaign is buying traffic too fast, we may be unable to complete the desired action. For example, the algorithm may not have enough time to pause certain targets or sources as ordered by the rule.

Automatic Rule Creation

The new look of the Rule-Based Optimization feature allows you to create 3 most popular rule types with a simple click. In order to do so, perform the following steps:

  1. In Zeropark, go to the campaign details view.

  2. In the Rule-Based Optimization section, click the Optimization rule set button.

  3. Provide your payout (eCPA) value.

  4. Click the new_rbo2.png button.

  5. Confirm the dialog box by clicking the Ok button.

Zeropark will create three rules.

Manual Rule Creation

If you prefer to create optimization rules manually, you can do so by following the steps below:

  1. In Zeropark, go to the campaign details view.

  2. In the Rule-Based Optimization section, click the New rule button.

  3. Set the following options for a rule condition (IF):

    • Condition item: Target, Source, Campaign

    • Condition value: a numerical value

    • Condition metric: Spend, Visits

  4. Set the following options for a rule criterion (FOR):

    • Criterion item: ROI, Conversion, eCPA, CR

    • Criterion formula: lower, greater

    • Criterion value: a numerical value

  5. Set a rule time frame (WITHIN): last hour, last 24 hours, last 7 days, custom.

  6. Set a rule action (THEN): Pause, Bid up, Bid down.

  7. Click the new_rbo2.png button.


Zeropark will create a rule.