Zeropark Documentation

Quickstart a New POP Campaign

POP is a popular type of traffic and it works with various traffic targeting options:

  • The RON (Run of network) type of targeting allows you to harvest all pop traffic coming from selected GEOs. Read the following document to learn about setting up a new POP RON campaign.

  • Multi-Geo allows you to target multiple Geos at once.

  • Source campaigns get traffic only from sources added manually or imported from Zeropark's built-in list.

  • Keyword campaigns allow you to target traffic that includes a keyword from the list you provide.

Setting Up a New POP Campaign

  1. In Zeropark, click the New campaign button.

  2. Select the POP traffic type.

  3. A new campaign creation form will open.

  4. Provide a name for the campaign in the Name text field.

  5. Select the status after approval. This defines if your campaign will run immediately after approval or will wait for your action.

  6. Provide a destination URL in the Destination URL text field. Include all necessary tracking tokens.

  7. Set the payout options.

  8. (Optional) Decide, if you want to use the conversion capping feature.

  9. Select a country you want to target.



    Please not that if you choose to run a multi-GEO or a worldwide campaign, you need to choose the countries you want to target from the dropdown list.

  10. (Optional) Enable the Regions / cities targeting toggle to include or exclude certain regions or cities.

    • Click on No regions, provide a name or names of regions and decide if you want to include or exclude them. Note that once you do so, you will only have an option to block traffic from selected cities.

    • Click on No cities, provide a name or names of cities and decide if you want to include or exclude them. Note that once you do so, including or excluding regions will be disabled.



    Zeropark Tip: You can also change region / city targeting option from the dashboard, while your campaign is running.

  11. Set adult filtering.

  12. (Optional) Set up device filters and OS and browser targeting options.

  13. (Optional) Set up frequency filters by turning the toggle on or off and selecting the frequency value from the drop-down menu.

  14. (Optional) Set up day-parting options that define the schedule of your campaign's run.

  15. Select inventory type.

    • For RON/MultiGeo campaigns. Read the Types of Inventory Available article to learn more.

    • For Source campaigns. Read the Adding Sources article to learn more.

    • For Target campaigns. Read the Adding targets article to learn more.

    • For Keyword campaigns. Read the Keyword Campaigns article to learn more.



      Please note that changing the campaign type settings may influence the previously set targeting options.

      For example, if you've already chosen to run a worldwide campaign targeting all the available GEOs, you will not be able to set a Target campaign type in this step.

  16. Provide a bid value in the Bid text field.

  17. Set your campaign and daily budgets options.

  18. Select your spending strategy.

  19. Set your sources and target budget options.

  20. Select your tracking solution and copy the postback URL to the clipboard. You will be able to provide it to your tracker or affiliate network.

  21. Click the Save and continue button.