Zeropark Documentation

Payment Terms


Know the payment terms in Zeropark for your traffic: how often payments are being made, what to do to get them and what are the minimal payment values.

These are the rules of payments.

  • Codewise payments are being done monthly, based on the invoice sent by the user.

  • If the publisher doesn’t have the automatic invoicing they should send the invoice to after the month ends.

  • To enable automatic invoices contact your Account Manager.

  • Publishers can choose the way they receive payments. Possible ways: PayPal, wire transfer.

  • Minimum sum for PayPal payment is $100, for wire $1000. The amounts lower than minimum will be added to the next invoice.

  • Payments will be done within 30 days counted from the end of the month the invoice is issued for.

  • If the malicious traffic is being found by the compliance the publisher will be charged with the chargeback that should be subtracted from the final amount. The total sum of the chargeback depends on the volume of malicious traffic found. The publisher will be informed about issuing chargeback by compliance.

The address that should be included in invoices:

CentralNic Poland sp. z o.o.

ul. Lubicz 17G, 31-503 Kraków Poland

EU VAT ID: PL5272922087 

Account Number: PL83 1140 1010 0000 3523 9200 1003