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Mobile Targeting Options


Learn about what options you have at your disposal when it comes to mobile OS targeting in Zeropark.

Imagine yourself promoting a newly made mobile game that consumes a lot of smartphone’s resources. There is no need to show your ad to the users with the old versions of the phones. You will be looking for the guys with the new models, who are eager to test their phone’s abilities with the games of the new generation. Or another situation: you are having way too many non-converting clicks from the older OS versions, and you really want to propagate your ad offer to people with a newer version.

Sometimes your offer may require targeting people that use specific network carriers. Or you want to target those people that use WiFi connection because there's a bigger chance that that are at home and will be more likely to make serious purchases rather then when using a carrier connection on the move.

The following article describes traffic targeting options that are solely available for mobile traffic. In order to get to these options, perform the following steps:

Mobile OS Targeting Options

  1. Select the lowest and highest operating system version by using both ends of a slider. The traffic you get will come from mobile devices from the set range.


    Zeropark Note: Currently, the Mobile OS Version Targeting is available for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Android Tablet. Keep in mind that the narrower your targeting is, the higher will be the traffic cost, so don’t forget to make amends into your bidding strategy as well.

  2. Finish the setup to start your campaign.

Mobile Browser Targeting

  1. Select mobile web browsers you want to target by ticking the appropriate checkboxes.

  2. Finish the setup to start your campaign.

Carrier Targeting

  1. Click the Show button to display the advanced options.

  2. There are four network sources options available:

    • Carrier traffic and Wi-Fi: All available mobile traffic

    • Wi-Fi traffic only: All Wi-Fi traffic for that geo

    • Carrier traffic only: All Carrier traffic for that geo

    • Selected Carriers: Allows you to select specific carriers

      If you have chosen this option, you will be prompted to select specific carriers from specific countries. This allows you to target exactly the carriers you want:

    Select the networks you would like to target.

  3. Once you have made a decision about which carriers you want to target, continue with the campaign’s setup as usual.