Zeropark Documentation

Managing Dashboard


This section contains documents that are relevant to your day-to-day work in Zeropark.

Zeropark's team makes a great effort to make your day-to-day work as easy as possible. The dashboard panel contains a lot of features that were designed to give you insights into what's going on with your campaigns.

Find Out What You Can Do

The interface is visible in two views: the main dashboard view (this is what you see after signing in to Zeropark) and the campaign details view (this is what you see after clicking one of your campaigns in the dashboard). Let's go over the main changes in both views.


  1. Campaign types. Switch between three campaign types or view all.

  2. Chart. Explore your overall performance by selecting an appropriate date range or enlarging it via a click & drag mouse gesture.

  3. Campaign list. Have a quick glance at everything that is going on with your campaign. View campaign status, change bids and pause your campaign.


Campaign details

  1. Campaign summary. View your campaign's basic data.

  2. Budget details. Get a closer look at your campaign's budget settings.

  3. Chart. Analyze your campaign's performance on a chart.

  4. Rule-based optimization. Control your campaign's run via automatic rules. If you want to learn more about the new look of Rule-Based Optimization, read the Rule-Based Optimization article.

  5. Target and sources. View, pause and add sources or targets.


Find Out What You Can Do

The introduction of the new interface allows you to use some of the cool features that may help you with your day-to-day work in Zeropark:

Columns sorting:

You can change the order of columns.


Chart zoom:

You can enlarge the chart with the click & drag mouse gesture.


The Limitation of the New Interface

For now, the following features can only be used with Zeropark's old interface:

  • The Support button.

  • Notifications.