Zeropark Documentation

Keyword Campaigns

Keyword campaigns are a great way to match your offers with what users actually type in. They can be created for the pop and domain type of traffic. The following article explains how to chose and add keywords to your campaign.

Choosing keywords

Keywords you select in Zeropark relate to terms entered by visitors.

  • For pop traffic, keywords are matched with the content or name of a website that a visitor is on.

  • For domain traffic, keywords are matched with the misspelled domain names.

There are several rules and tips that need to be followed to get the most suitable keywords. If you fail to follow these instructions, your campaign may end up without any traffic.

  • If using a website name, skip the http:// or www part of the address and follow the pattern.

  • Avoid typos - even if you aim to buy traffic from misspelled domain names (domain traffic), you should provide correct keywords and our system will match your keywords with a misspelled domain.

  • Do not use any special characters.

  • Google search style is not supported. Do not provide as keywords long terms such as cheap flight canary islands. It is unlikely you will get any traffic.

  • Avoid unusual word merges (for example, sportclothing).

  • Try to use one word only. This gives you a higher chance of buying traffic. If you require to use more than one word as your keyword, Zeropark supports that.

  • Use short keywords, if possible.

  • Keep in mind the keywords match types (exact vs broad). More on that in the next paragraph.

  • Use Traffic Calculator to learn about expected volumes of traffic and average bid prices of keywords you provide.

Match Types

Zeropark offers two match types to be used in your keyword campaigns:

  • Exact. This matching type means that no variations of your keywords will be used.

  • Broad. This matching type means that your keyword along with its variations will be used. Variations include different forms of the same word (for example, a variation of the stream keyword would include streaming) and additional words commonly used with your keywords (stream movies for the stream keyword).

Adding Keywords to a Campaign

In order to add keywords to a campaign, create a new keyword campaign in the same manner as any other campaign. Follow the instructions provided in the Step 3: Set up your campaign article. The screen where you add keywords will appear once you provide basic campaign settings.

  1. Type in the keyword.

  2. Click the Add button next to your keyword or its variation with the desired matching type.

  3. Your keyword appears in the Campaign keywords field.

  4. (Optional) You can add negative keywords that will be excluded from the matching process.

  5. Click the Save button.