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Injection Traffic


Zeropark Note: Injection Traffic is available for selected customers per request only. If you want to have it enabled for your campaigns, please write a request to with #injectiononly in the email title.

What’s injection traffic?

Injection traffic comes from a browser toolbar inserting pop ads into a webpage’s content. When a user types in a URL, ads are injected under keywords linking to affiliate offers. Injection traffic ads are shown in the form of pop ads.

Exact keyword targeting allows for the most accurate optimization, but broad targeting is also possible. Naturally, running brand-to-brand campaigns using brand URLs as your keywords would be the best format.

Why is it worth trying?

Usually it works great for e-commerce campaigns, but recently it’s worked really good for many verticals due to the increased frequency of certain keywords searches.

Zeropark’s injection traffic offers precise targeting with many motivated users. Coming from carefully selected sources there’s no risk of receiving aggressive traffic. Additionally, you’re able to select from Standard or Premium segments. In this way, you’re able to show users the exact content they’re looking for.

Where do I get it from?

If you’d like to try, start your pop keyword campaign in Zeropark and select to pause it after creation. Then, reach out to your Account Manager or contact us at and ask our support team to switch it on. Add #injectiononly in the email title.

Keywords campaigns

For those who need help starting keyword campaigns, here’s a video tutorial. Let us walk you through the keyword campaign set-up and explain what to look out for in order for your campaigns to run smoothly.