Zeropark Documentation

Frequency and Adult Filtering


Use filtering options to limit ad views from a single visitor, change the traffic type between mainstream and adult, and adjust the traffic targeting criteria.

In Zeropark 's campaign edit view, you can find many filtering options that help you to target specific users.


Zeropark Tip: Remember that each selected targeting option narrows the volume of traffic available and increases the cost per view.

There are two types of filters available:

  • Frequency filters: Setting the frequency filter allows you to control how often your ad will be displayed to the same visitor (one unique user= one unique combination of IP/UA). Keep in mind that setting a frequency cap higher than 1h will limit the volume of available traffic.

  • Adult filtering: This filter defines the type of traffic that goes to your offer, not the offer itself. So you can send adult traffic to mainstream offers, but you can't send mainstream traffic to adult offers, or you'll get banned.