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I’m new to the affiliate business, what do I do? What do you recommend to start with?

Firstly, I would suggest checking out our fantastic blog ( and videos that contain quick start tips. I would also suggest joining paid traffic forums and reading some of the follow-alongs to get good tips when it comes to optimization, and which campaigns to run on what traffic.


What are the volumes for Pop, Redirect and Push? Where can I find this info?

All the relevant info is waiting for you on, where you may find historical data for the past 30 days on all the traffic sources in Zeropark. You can search by traffic type, geos, mobile/desktop, carrier, OS and even keywords to get a feel of available traffic volumes and current bids.


Tell me about your traffic, is it clean, human traffic? How to check it?

No traffic source can guarantee that their traffic will be 100% bot free, even giants like Google and Facebook are victims of sophisticated bot technology. We do, however, extensively filter and monitor our traffic for any fraudulent activity and if we find evidence, usually refund the user.


What is the difference between keywords, targets, sources?

Keywords, targets, and sources are different levels of targeting. Keywords allow you to target specific web pages within all the traffic. For example – if you want traffic for a shopping campaign you can use keywords such as hats, clothes, shoes. This will direct traffic based on these keywords to your campaign. A source is the publisher feed where a group of traffic comes from. Whereas a target is a specific URL or location form a source.Worth remembering: If you pause a source in your campaign, you block many target id’s. If you pause a target, you pause that target only.



I don’t want to use PayPal, what are the other payment methods? The best option for me is CC, please advise.

Credit card payments are now available in all accounts. The initial top-up can be made by wire transfer, credit card or PayPal.


I just topped-up my account, when will the funds be visible on my account?

If you have paid by credit card or PayPal, the funds will be in your account straight away. If you have paid by wire transfer – we have to wait for it to arrive. This can take up to five working days.


Could I pay CPL or CPA?

We do not run CPA/CPL campaigns but we do have our own auto-optimization tool that will optimize CPM traffic to eCPA goal. Meaning you can run your CPL/CPA campaigns on our platform.


I set a new campaign and my budget was spent very fast! Why?

The main reason for this is usually a too high bid for the traffic you are targeting, it is always good to check the bid with your campaign settings on before getting started.


How to send money in another currency?

Your payment gateway should do the conversion of the currency for you. If you would like to pay by wire, we have options for Euro or Zloty, just ask for a proforma invoice and we will give you the correct bank to wire to. For credit card transactions we support the following currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, PLN, AUD, CAD, HKD, CHF, RUB, CNY, INR, BRL, SGD.


Could I get a refund for my first top-up?

The first top-up is nonrefundable, the reason for this is that we believe that the minimum amount needed to test an offer is $200, so we expect that commitment when you sign up.



When will my campaign be approved?

Campaigns are generally reviewed within an hour.


What is the smartest thing to do, run RON or keyword for domain redirect?

It really depends on the campaign type. Some campaigns will require traffic from related sites, for these, you should use keyword campaigns. But in general, it is best to go with the broadest option, like RON so you can test all the available traffic and then narrow it down by optimization.


Can I make a smaller bid than suggested on the webpage?

You can, however, the suggested bid is there to guide you to the optimal point where you will win traffic, bidding lower means you have a smaller chance to win the auction.


What are the best converting verticals?

This is quite a dynamic question but in general, the ones that are the most reliable E-commerce, Mobile app downloads, and Sweeps.


How to quickly optimize the campaign and make profits – for one of push, pop, redirect?

My general advice is to start big, pausing either keywords or sources that do not work to cut off big sections of unprofitable traffic. Once you’re happy with the keywords or sources left, you should then start optimizing on the target level.


My campaigns were working well before, but now my win ratio dropped, what to do?

Usually, win ratio drops are caused by competition. This means that someone else on the platform is currently outbidding you for this traffic. To increase your win ratio, increase your bid.


My campaigns look good, but for some reason, I don’t get traffic anymore. Why?

Please check if your campaign or something in the campaign is paused. Please also check if there are no budget limits on the campaign and there is a credit on your account. Lastly, please check that you have not changed any of the targeting settings for stricter ones that can block traffic. If this is the case, then check if the source still has traffic available, if so – bid up.


I paused the campaign, why is it still spending?

POP/DOM: Please first check that you have the dashboard set to the correct time range (options in the top right-hand corner of the screen). Also for push traffic, there is a delay when counting the clicks you got from the push providers. This should stop within a 24 hour period.

4. Miscellaneous


Why my account is frozen/suspended/banned? Reactivate my account!

These are security features that we implement to make sure that someone has not stolen your account or is using your payment gateway without your permission. If you talk to us at it can be resolved quickly.


I would like to use Voluum – how to do it?

After you have topped-up your account you will see a small button in the top right-hand corner. This will set up a Voluum account for you, you can then log into Voluum and start tracking your campaigns.For more details on Zeropark-Voluum integration, go to