Zeropark Documentation

Exporting to CSV


Learn how to export your Zeropark campaign data into a CSV file format for more in-depth analysis.

Exporting your campaign data to the CSV file format allows you to perform advanced, in-depth analysis. You can look for patterns, find correlations and understand what is going on with the use of your favorite CSV file editing software. Zeropark allows you to export data of a selected campaign or of all campaigns from a specified time period. The exported data can be summed up or divided day-by-day.

Exporting a Campaign

In order to export a campaign, follow the steps described below:

  1. Go to the Dashboard view to export data for all campaigns. If you wish to export data of a specific campaign, go to said campaign's detail view.

  2. Set the time period.

  3. Click the Export to .csv button.

  4. Select if you want to have your data summed or divided by day.

  5. Click the Export button.

  6. Your report is being processed.

  7. Go to the Exported reports tab. Wait until your report will have the Completed status.

  8. Click the Download button to download your report.


Your CSV file will be downloaded.

Handling a CSV File

The CSV stands for 'comma-separated values'. This means that this is not a typical spreadsheet file and has to be imported in the first step before you can use it in a spreadsheet editing software such as Microsoft Excel. The following instructions show how to import a CSV file to Microsoft Excel version 1904.

  1. In Microsoft Excel, go to the Data tab.

  2. Select the From text/CSV option.

  3. Click the Transform Data button.

  4. Click the Close & Load button.

  5. Your data have been imported. You can use all of Microsoft Excel's capabilities to analyze statistical trends or patterns.