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Desktop Targeting Options


Learn about what options you have at your disposal when it comes to desktop OS targeting in Zeropark.

The majority of desktop buyers are doing software installs on CPI basis, which means they are quite limited in targeting options. Some of them are not willing to buy users on older machines, as the offer itself wouldn’t be able to convert. If your offer is dictating your targeting, there is no point in purchasing traffic with no potential installs, right?

We have all been there, we have heard you. So we've prepared desktop targeting options for new and old campaigns to help you optimize towards your CPI quotas.

This tool will allow you to tune your campaigns and cut down ad spend, meaning you will make more money per install. This feature is also useful for promoting applications and toolbars dedicated to the newer operating systems.

How To Use It?

Browser Targeting

Select the desktop browser that you wish to receive traffic from using checkboxes:


Desktop OS Targeting

Select the lowest and the highest OS version by using both ends of the slider. The traffic will come from the selected range of operating systems.



Zeropark Note: Currently, the OS Version Targeting is available for Windows and Mac. Keep in mind that the narrower your targeting is, the higher will be the traffic cost, and the lower the volumes of traffic available, so don’t forget to revise your bidding strategy and do your homework – get the landers right!