Zeropark Documentation

Custom Bids


Optimize your campaign's spend by setting custom bids on individual targets and/or sources. This tutorial explains campaign optimization with custom bids.

The key point of any optimization is rearranging your money flow from non-profitable to profitable placements. One way of achieving this is by setting a custom bid for any target/source in your campaign.


Setting a custom bid on a given source or target will allow you to:

  • Receive more traffic from the source/target, if you raise the bid

  • Lower the price of traffic from the source/target, if you lower the bid

Hence, you have three options for source-level optimization :

  • If you have a great ROI on traffic from a given source, increase your bid to get more traffic.

  • If your ROI on traffic from a given source is marginally negative, lower the bid to pay less.

  • If a given placement does not perform at all, just pause it.

Modifying the Bid

In order to set a custom value for the bid, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Targets / Sources tab.

  2. Click the set custom bid button in the Bid column. The cell switches to the editing mode.

  3. Provide a custom bid for:

    • A target: It will override both, source and campaign bids.

    • A source: It will override the default campaign bid.