Zeropark Documentation

Create a New Campaign


This article provides a step-by-step guide about starting a Zeropark campaign. Learn about different options available during a campaign creation process.

This guide is aimed at newcomers that are starting to work with Zeropark. It describes the entire path that you need to follow to start buying traffic. The following guide is divided into 3 parts:

  • Step 1: Top up your account

  • Step 2: Define your campaign.

  • Step 3: Set up Your Campaign

Before You Start

Before starting a new campaign, make sure you have the following things prepared:

  1. Your destination: The URL of the page you wish to send the traffic to.

  2. Campaign targeting: It is one of the best practices to be sure beforehand what kind of audience you are trying to reach and how you are planning to reach them.

  3. Bids: You should know roughly how much you would be willing to pay for each visitor that will be delivered to your website. You can check average CPV for domain and pop (in other words: CPM divided by 1000) and the CPC (cost per click) for push here:

  4. Tracking solution: Tracking is the crucial element of any successful campaign, therefore it is better to have this set up before sending traffic. There are many solutions on the market, we recommend as it is fully integrated with Zeropark. Both platforms use the same infrastructure, so redirects and reports are lighting fast.

Once you have everything ready, click the image on the right.