Zeropark Documentation

Conversion Capping

The conversion capping feature has been designed to deal with a situation, when an offer has a conversion cap enabled and will not accept any more traffic above that cap.

How Does Conversion Capping Work?

A conversion cap is a limit of allowed conversions per day. It resets at midnight of an offer's time zone. This limit is put by an offer owner. Once the cap is reached, an offer will not convert again, so sending traffic to this offer is pointless.

The conversion capping feature allows Zeropark to automatically pause your campaign when a cap is reached. For that to work, you need to have conversion tracking correctly set up.

The conversion cap feature counts a conversion at the moment of registering it, while in Zeropark reports, conversions are counted for the time of visit. You can turn this feature on for new and existing campaigns.

Conversion Capping Availability

For now, the conversion capping feature is available for the following campaign types:

  • Pop

  • Domain

  • Push

Setting up Conversion Capping

In order to set a conversion cap, follow the steps below:

  1. Start creating a campaign or edit an existing campaign.

  2. In the Conversion capping section, select the Enabled radio button.

  3. Provide an offer cap value in the Daily cap text field.

  4. Select a time zone of an offer.

  5. Save the campaign.


Zeropark Note: Any updates to the daily cap value or enabling/disabling cap may take up to 5 minutes to activate.

The daily cap can be observed in Zeropark reports, in the Daily cap column. This column show the number of conversions and the daily cap value.