Zeropark Documentation

Brand Demand API

Zeropark is able to provide the data about current demand, pricing, and redirect URL via Brand Demand API designed specifically for fetching details on active Search campaigns (Sarch/ utocomplete ads). This API takes into consideration user's device and geolocation.

Search Autocomplete Demo

Search Autocomplete demo showcases how to implement search autocomplete ads on your search page.

Code examples on how to integrate Zeropark’s Search Autocomplete API with the search page can be found on by clicking on the code example link.


To reproduce how Zeropark search autocomplete ads work:

  1. Go to

  2. In the search bar enter ‘boo’

  3. View results available based on the user’s device and geolocation.

  4. Click on the ad, the browser redirectes users directly to a related website

How to integrate with Search Autocomplete?
  1. Search web page queries Zeropark at page loading time. 

  2. Zeropark provides a JSON response that contains a list of brands that there is demand for. The following data will be provided for every entry:

    1. Brand name

    2. Brand domain

    3. Estimated CPC value

    4. Redirect URL

    5. Non branded keywords if exist

  3. The code on the web page side is responsible for matching user input to the brands returned by Zeropark and handles ad display with the best matching.

  4. When a user clicks on the ad, they should be redirected to the redirect URL provided in the response. The CPC value will be redirected to the publisher account in the Zeropark platform for that click.

  5. Zeropark demand information is loaded once at the search web page loading phase. It takes into consideration the user's device and geolocation.

  6. Returned CPC value is an estimation because Zeropark is unable to calculate precise demand information at page load time. For most cases, the estimated CPC value should match the calculated CPC when the actual redirect takes place.

Performance considerations:
  • Zeropark servers are located in an AWS data center in the North Virginia region.

  • Zeropark p95 of the query response time counted on the AWS Cloud level will be not greater than 15ms.

  • The signal propagation time should be added to the Zeropark query processing time. For example, if a user is located in Europe then the ~80 ms time should be added as a time required for a roundtrip call to the AWS data center in the North Virginia region.

Request & response examples:

The demo page is plugged into the production endpoint so suggestions you see there is what you can expect in real life.

Request to Brand Demand API example:

Catalog API endpoint:
  • autocomplete-demo — this is a search page domain or identifier of the domain where the script is located. We strongly recommend passing the full domain here (e.g.:

  • publisherId — this is the identifier of the publisher feed. Please contact your Zeropark Account Manager to receive one.

Brand Demand API Response example:

   "brands": [
         "brand": {
            "name": "Roneberg-smart",
            "url": ""
         "eCpc": 0.08,
         "keywords": ""
         "brand": {
            "name": "Myloview",
            "url": ""
         "eCpc": 0.12,
         "keywords": "fototapeta dla dziewczynki,fototapeta ściana z jasnych desek"
         "brand": {
            "name": "Butymodne",
            "url": ""
         "eCpc": 0.05,
         "keywords": ""
  • clickUrl — this is the URL where visitors should be redirected to. The string contains ${} and ${brand.url} that should be replaced with corresponding brand fields

  • brand/name — name of a brand

  • brand/url — official brand website

  • eCpc — this is how much Zeropark pays for single redirect (in USD)