Zeropark Documentation

Blacklisting IPs, ISPs and Targets in Zeropark

Zeropark allows you to block traffic coming to your campaigns by creating a blacklist on an account level. You can block traffic based on the following criteria:

  • IP address

  • ISP

  • Target

Once you provide correct values, traffic matching the criteria from the blacklist will not go into your campaigns.

Block Traffic

In order to create a blacklist, perform the following steps:

  1. In Zeropark, go to the My account tab.

  2. Go to the Black list view.

  3. Provide correct values of IPs, ISP and/or Targets that you want to block. Upon saving, these values will be verified and incorrect values will not be added to the blacklist.

  4. Click the Save button.

  5. You will get a confirmation pop-up window.


Check for Blocked Targets

If you have blocked a target, you can observe it with the excluded status in the campaign's details.