Zeropark Documentation

API Publisher Stats

API reports can be activated by using call URLs containing two parameters specific for each account in Zeropark.



Zeropark Publisher Team will provide you with your unique values for the parameters.

Other Parameters

feedid - unique ad tag id available in the ad tag set up summary

date - valid format is YYYY-MM-DD

Date range will reflect the default timezone set in your Contact Information in your Zeropark account.


Although reports might differ in terms of quality data, quantitative statistics will be expressed in the following metrics and their interpretation might differ depending on the traffic type:



Requested visits

Total number of requests sent

Sellable Visits

Number of requests after initial filtering

Sold Visits

Number of views

Number of clicks


Generated revenue

Invalidated Visits

Unsold visits due to invalidation


Number of Zeropark bids

Number of notifications displayed

Use the query call URLs listed below. You can activate as many reports as you need.

Shared Redirect and Push Reports
  • By feed:<api_token>&did=<domainer_id>&date=<date>
  • Feed by country:<api_key>&did=<domainer_id>&feedid=<feedid>&date=<date>
Redirect Reports
  • By domain:<api_token>&did=<domainer_id>&date=<date>
  • By country:<api_token>&did=<domainer_id>&date=<date>
  • Feed by domain:<api_token>&did=<domainer_id>&feedid=<feedid>&date=<date>
  • Feed by domain and country:<api_token>&did=<domainer_id>&feedid=<feedid>&date=<date>
  • Feed by publisher ID:<api_token>&did=<domainer_id>&feedid=<feedid>&date=<date>
Push Reports
  • By country:<api_key>&did=<domainer_id>&date=<date>
  • Feed by domain:<api_key>&did=<domainer_id>&feedid=<feedid>&date=<date>
  • Feed by domain and a country:<api_token>&did=<domainer_id>&feedid=<feedid>&date=<date>