Zeropark Documentation

AdsBridge Integration

If you'd like to quickly integrate your Zeropark account with AdsBridge ad tracker, please follow the steps below.

Settings on the AdsBridge side
  1. Click on the Create Traffic Source tab visible in upper-right corner of your AdsBridge account.

  2. Select Zeropark from the list of available traffic source integration templates. All necessary settings will be filled in automatically.

  3. Next, click on the Create Affiliate Network tab. Place the Zeropark campaign postback URL in the field dedicated to your affiliate network choice.

  4. Create an offer and a landing page, if necessary.

  5. Create a campaign.

    1. Filling in the basic settings.

      Since your traffic source has already been preconfigured, all the required fields will be filled in. AdsBridge recommends selecting CPV (Cost Per Visit) as your cost model.

    2. Filling in the default rule.

      If you're not using any landing pages, enable the Direct link checkbox and then add an Offer. Also, if necessary, you can add additional rules.

    The result of creating a campaign will be a tracking link that must be placed in Zeropark, as your traffic source.

Settings on the Zeropark side
  1. Create a campaign by clicking on the New campaign tab and choosing the ad format and targeting options.

  2. Fill in the campaign information. If you need help filing in the information, please see the Create a New Campaign documentation section.

  3. Copy the Zeropark postback URL from the Tracking section and paste it into the AdsBridge platform.

  4. Save the campaign and that’s it, you’re ready to go!