Zeropark Documentation

Adding Targets

Target campaigns display an extra step during the creation process that allows you to add targets after setting up targeting options. You can select targets from the Zeropark's list of targets that are available for the selected targeting options or submit your own targets in bulk.


Zeropark Note: The option to add targets during a campaign creation process is available for pop traffic only. For other traffic types, you can add targets after creating your campaign and saving it in the draft mode.

  1. Start creating a new Target campaign by providing all basic campaign information in the usual way and clicking the Save button. Read the Create a New Campaign article to learn more.

  2. The Add targets view will show up.

  3. Select a method of adding targets:

    • Add targets from the Zeropark's list:

      1. Select targets by ticking the boxes.

      2. Click the Add selected targets button.

      3. Click the Save button.



        Zeropark Note: Note that if you click the Save button without adding any targets or sources, your campaign will be saved in the draft mode. In order to start receiving traffic, you will have to add targets or sources from a campaign details view. Read the Adding Targets and Sources to a Campaign in a Draft Mode article to learn more.

    • Submit your own targets in bulk:

      1. Click the Bulk Add targets button

      2. Submit your target in the form of URLs or hashes in the text field.

      3. Click the Add targets button.

    • Add the top 100 targets.

      1. Click the Select top 100 button. The 100 targets with the biggest daily volume will be selected.

      2. Click the Add selected targets button.

      3. Click the Save button.

    • Add Premium or Selected Targets. You can read about this in the Selected and Premium Targets article.