Zeropark Documentation

Adding Sources During Campaign Creation Process

Source campaigns display an extra step during the creation process that allows you to add sources after setting up targeting options. You can select sources from the Zeropark's list of sources that are available for the selected targeting options or submit your own sources in bulk.

  1. Start creating a new Source campaign by providing all basic campaign information in the usual way and clicking the Save button. Read the Create a New Campaign article to learn more.

  2. The Add sources view will show up.

  3. Select a method of adding sources:

    • Add sources from the Zeropark's list. The list displays the following information:

      • Source name.

      • Estimated daily volume. This shows you the volume of traffic coming from a given source for the selected targeting options.

      • Average cost. This is how much advertisers in Zeropark bid on average to buy traffic from the source using similar targeting settings.

      • Bid strength. This depends on a bid that you have set in the previous step. If you want to increase your bid strength globally, you can increase your bid. Or you can adjust bids for each added source individually.

      The abovementioned information should help you select sources that will work best for you,

      1. Select sources by ticking the boxes. You can use the sorting options to find the most suitable sources. The Most popular sorting option sorts the list of sources based on the amount of ad spend.

      2. Click the Add selected button.

      3. (Optionally) The Auto bid setting simply applies the global bid value to a given source. If you want, you can provide a custom bid value or click the Apply button to apply the average cost as your bid value individually for this source.

      4. Click the Save button.



        Zeropark Note: Note that if you click the Save button without adding any targets or sources, your campaign will be saved in the draft mode. In order to start receiving traffic, you will have to add targets or sources from a campaign details view. Read the Adding Targets and Sources to a Campaign in a Draft Mode article to learn more.

    • Submit your own sources:

      1. Click the Input sources manually button.

      2. Submit your sources in the form of URLs or hashes in the text field.

      3. Click the Bulk add sources button.