Zeropark Documentation

Types of Ad Formats Available

Zeropark offers three types of high-quality traffic for your performance marketing campaigns. In this section, you will get familiar with Push, Pop and Domain traffic, and receive a bunch of tips about running a campaign with each of available ad formats.

Domain Ads

Domain traffic comes from users typing in unused, "parked" domain names in the address bar of a browser. Such users are redirected to your full-screen ad: either a landing page or an offer.


Pop Ads

Pops are a full-screen ad format triggered by websites. They appear as a new window (desktop) or tab (mobile) on top of the currently viewed tab or in the background.


Injection Traffic Ads

Injection traffic ads are shown in the form of pop ads. When a user types in a URL, ads are injected under keywords linking to affiliate offers.

Push Ads

Push ads are delivered directly to users’ desktop or mobile devices in the form of push notification and link to your landing page or straight to the offer. In this section, you will find all the necessary campaign guidelines and tips about targets, sources or tiers.

Push Calendar Notification Ads

Calendar Traffic in Zeropark is yet another form of subscription-based push traffic available on both desktop and mobile devices (both iOS and Android).


In-Page Push Ads

In-page push ads are displayed directly on a website and resemble standard push ads. They can be viewed on all devices and OSes, including iOS.


Search Ads

Search ads are brand-safe type of ads that instantly match your brand-related keywords with what users type into the search engine of a keyboard app (mobile) or other publishers (desktop).