Zeropark Documentation

Step 2: Define Your Campaign


Discover different ad formats that Zeropark supports. Learn about how do they work and what are their advantages.

In this step, you will start creating a campaign. Before setting all options, you have to make two important decisions about traffic type and traffic targeting options that will impact the specific setup options in step 3 of this guide.

Start creating a new Zeropark campaign and learn more about what lays behind the options you select:

  1. In Zeropark, click the New campaign button.

  2. Select a traffic type:

    At first, you need to select the traffic type. You have the following options available.

    • Domain: Domain traffic comes from users typing in unused, "parked" domain names in the address bar of a browser. Such users are redirected to your full-screen ad: either a landing page or an offer.

    • Pop: Pops are a full-screen ad format triggered by websites. They appear as a new window (desktop) or tab (mobile) on top of the currently viewed tab or in the background.

    • Push: Push ads are delivered directly to users’ desktop or mobile devices in the form of push notification and link to your landing page or straight to the offer. In this section, you will find all the necessary campaign guidelines and tips about targets, sources or tiers.

    • In-page push: In-page push ads are displayed directly on a website and resemble standard push ads. They can be viewed on all devices and OSes, including iOS. This type of traffic is available to chose after selecting the Push traffic type.

    Once you have made your decision, click the traffic type that you want to buy.

  3. Select a targeting option:

    There are four campaign categories for Domain and Pop traffic available and three for the Push traffic.

    • RON (Run-of-network): Creating a RON campaign is the quickest way to get all the available traffic from a specific country. There are no keywords or specific targets involved. Simply choose your geo, destination URL, bid and your campaign is ready to go.

    • Multi-Geo: The Multi-Geo campaign category allows you to run campaigns in multiple countries through the RON or Keyword campaign types.

    • Target/Source: Select this campaign category, once you have identified the top-performing targets or sources from your keyword and/or RON campaigns. Alternatively, you can create it to add Selected and Premium Targets from your chosen GEO. Adding targets or sources is required for your campaign to start receiving traffic. You can add targets during the campaign creation process or you can add targets or sources after you save your campaign in the draft mode.

    • Keyword: Enter a list of keywords or URLs to receive targeted visitors. Use generic keywords to maximize exposure. Select between broad and exact targeting to fine-tune your campaign:


Once you select the targting option, click on the image on the right to proceed to the next step.