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Smart eCPA


Harvest the power of Zeropark's AI to take your campaigns' performance to the next level. Learn how to scale up by automating many optimization tasks.

Smart eCPA is an AI-based technology which can do your optimization for you based on your eCPA goal. It practically allows you to run campaigns on the performance-based cost model. AI takes into consideration over 16 different parameters (including Device Model and Net Speed) and analyses the entire data range of each of them.

For example, when you are optimizing subIDs one by one, tweaking the bid, pausing some targets, Smart eCPA is optimizing them all at once. It creates the level of optimization unreachable for any human being! Plus, it saves you a lot of time you can devote to getting new offers and running more campaigns. Run 1000s of campaigns at once and scale your media buying operation into a whole media buying network!

Smart eCPA is available for Premium Pop RON, Source and Multi-Geo campaigns.

Set Up a eCPA Campaign

In order to use the eCPA feature, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a new campaign with Smart eCPA pricing model.

  2. In the Targeting section, select the Testing Budget Type. There are three options:

    • Tight – we’ll aggressively blacklist targets and sources with low performance, which will allow you to save your budget at the beginning. Such a choice tends to have a longer testing period and a lower amount of conversions in the end.

    • Moderate – the regular blacklisting will allow you to keep more sources of traffic for the optimization in the future, while still saving your budget.

    • High (recommended) – only non-working targets and sources will be blacklisted. It will allow you to get more conversions in the future, as our AI algorithm can lower down eCPA up to 4 times compared to the testing period. However, it will cost you a bit more during the tests to cover more sources.

  3. Select your Target eCPA, in other words, the amount of money you want to pay for a conversion. Pro tip: the lower the eCPA, the less amount of conversions we’ll be able to deliver, so try to set the reasonable goal!

  4. Continue with the regular campaign setup. Remember: Smart eCPA campaigns will work only with the proper conversion tracking.


    Zeropark Note: The editing of Smart eCPA campaigns is limited, that’s why double check your settings before saving the campaign.

How Does It Work?

After approval the Smart eCPA campaign goes through three stages:

  1. Gathering data

    Just like a media buyer, our system needs conversions to teach itself what to do. That’s why Smart eCPA campaigns require around 100 conversions to build a valid model. During the "Gathering data" stage only the basic optimization is performed.

  2. Tuning up

    On this stage, AI is optimizing your campaign already, however it still requires some improvement to reach your eCPA goal.

  3. Optimizing

    You have a valid model which is able to reach eCPA goal. The Smart eCPA starts working in full power mode. Time to relax and enjoy the results.


New view

All your Smart eCPA campaigns will be marked on the dashboard with the tag "AI". It won’t be a problem to find them.

The dashboard for Smart eCPA has also some differences.

Target eCPA

That’s the cost of conversion the system will try to achieve. You can change it at any moment, however, try to set the reasonable goal. It’s also not advisable to change the eCPA goal during the training period, however, feel free to do it with any campaign with the valid model.


eCPA chart

See how your campaign is performing in real time!

Red line stands for the Target eCPA you have. If you change the Target eCPA, it will be reflected in the graph as well.

Blue line stands for the eCPA of the campaign. You can see how the eCPA of your campaign is changing day by day.

If you want to see the actual data on eCPA for the particular time period, you can activate the green line. You will see the columns, each of them reflects the eCPA of the campaign at any given time period. By default, it is inactive.


New stats

On Smart eCPA campaigns you can see the sources and targets that brought you conversions. The only action you can make is to pause them in case of any fraudulent activity. We also added one more status: Paused by AI. Such sources and targets are unprofitable for the given campaign, and can’t be unpaused.


How to make the most out of eCPA campaigns?

  • AI algorithm will only work if you have one offer and one lander if any. You won’t be able to change the link for the existing campaign, but please, refrain from changing it in your tracker as well, as it will destroy the whole optimization. If you want to test another offer, please, create a separate campaign.

  • Smart eCPA is not a magic wand, it’s the powerful optimization tool. Therefore, if the offer or lander themselves are non-converting, Smart eCPA won’t do much.

  • Since we need at least 100 conversions to build the model, you should have a dedicated budget for tests. It doesn’t mean that it will be burnt down during the testing period, but the eCPA, in the beginning, may be pretty high. We wouldn’t recommend you to start the campaign without at least $200 you are ready to spend on the test of one offer. To figure out the exact amount, multiply your target eCPA by 100 – that’s approximate testing budget required.

  • Make sure your daily budget is not way too low. Its amount influences the speed of the model creation and may slow down the optimization process drastically.

  • The same goes for the wideness of the targeting. With the narrow targeting, it’s going to be harder to get enough conversions for the model, which might extend the testing period.

  • Don’t quit too early! Even if you spend $1000 on tests and get only $250 back, we can still turn that around! When the model is ready, the CPA can be decreased up to 4 times!

Smart eCPA Best Practices

Don’t know where to get started with our new campaigns? Here is how to make sure our automated campaigns work for you in the best way possible:

  • Select wide targeting as it is important to have some variety of options to select from to ensure the campaign can be optimized effectively.

  • Set bid price high enough to receive the desired amount of traffic. Bidding low will decrease visibility and the amount of traffic which is bought by the campaign.

  • Rotating offers will decrease performance. We suggest using one offer per campaign for optimal results. Every time the offer is switched Smart eCPA has to adapt to the new offer effectively resetting the learning period.

  • Make step-by-step changes (by 10-25%) in bid prices if needed. This will work much better than aggressive changes.

  • Stick to one landing page. The AI is trained to the optimized performance of a specific offer on a specific landing page, changing them requires starting a new campaign.

  • Optimization takes time – be patient! As the Guinness ad says “good things come to those who wait”.

  • Do not set a daily budget lower then $200; if the campaign keeps pausing, it will just extend the learning period.

  • Try not to change the campaign settings as everything you do will affect the way the model works. Make sure you are happy with the settings in the campaign setup, so you can just let it run.

Optimize your campaigns without any effort! Try Smart eCPA!