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Smart API Usage Guide


This is an introduction to the Zeropark API feature. It contains basic settings and best practices. The full API documentation can be found in settings.

Zeropark offers you the API that may help you to take better control over your media buying. This article provides only an intro to the API documentation listing some best practices and hints to start using the Zeropark API. A link to the full Zeropark API documentation, you can find in your account’s settings in the Zeropark platform:


To quickly access the full API guide, click the following link (for logged users):

To provide quicker access to reporting and faster user experience, Zeropark has introduced some limits to the API and its usage. Below you can find a list of best practices on how to use the API in a smart way without harming any of your campaigns.

  • Be aware that it takes a few minutes for the requested actions to be performed through the API. This is standard behavior for systems handling billions of requests per second.

  • Custom actions for targets, sources, keywords such as pausing, setting a custom bid, or changing the bid, are the most time-consuming for our system to process. Keep in mind that each time you request a change, especially when it is regarding targets, your campaign is inactive for a few minutes. That is the reason why it’s recommended not to act rashly, but do only what is necessary. It applies to accessing reports as well.

  • To manage your campaigns in a way that ensures a quick adjustment and stable performance, take into account the following points:

    • Changing / pausing/ activating bid

      You should not change your bid more than once every 10 minutes. It takes up to 5 minutes for our system to adjust everything to your bid and as a result, you are not able to buy anything from the changed target for this time period. To see a noticeable change, you should leave it for at least 10 minutes. This way you are able to buy some traffic and check how the new bid affects your campaign. If you changed bids on targets more often than once every 10 minutes meaning that the whole campaign would behave like it would be paused for most of the time.

    • Reporting

      • Yesterday, Last 7 days and other past time ranges: There is no use in gathering it more often than once. This is static historical data that won’t be changed.

      • Today option: It should be accessed no often than once in 5 minutes because the system needs some time to update them.