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Selected and Premium Targets


Get access to the best performing targets that were selected by an algorithm. Learn how to add selected and premium targets to your campaigns.

Zeropark offers you the Selected and Premium Targets feature based on the dedicated algorithm that selects the best and top performing targets for your campaigns. The algorithm is based on historical data and global performance of the targets. In other words, every time when you click Add → Selected/Premium Targets for your campaign, a pre-selected group of targets will automatically be pulled with the proven performance over the past 7 days. This feature is available for target campaigns only.

How Does It Work?

The Selected/Premium Targets list is refreshed every 12 hours means that you can refresh the target list by clicking the option every day. However, it is possible that the algorithm will show that there are no new targets after 12 hours. Each time you click the button, it will just add new targets to the existing ones. The previously selected targets will remain on the list.

Add Selected or Premium Targets

To add Selected or Premium targets to your campaigns, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to your target campaign detail view.

  2. Scroll down to the Target/Sources section.

  3. Click the Add targets button.

  4. Click the Select from the list option from the drop-down menu.

  • Selected targets: The list of Selected Targets is based on multiple types of offers. However, you should always take into account that although Selected Targets gives you a better chance of getting a conversion, still the overall performance is up to your campaign. Moreover, the list of the targets will be only available for a limited number of countries with bigger volume and proven performance.

  • Premium targets:

    If you are looking for volume for your campaign, you can also add Premium Targets. This list is selected by volume from top targets from the Zeropark Premium Traffic segment. That gives you even more data for split testing on the best quality sources.


    Zeropark Note: Targets from Premium Traffic segment require higher CPMs to win more traffic. That is because this kind of inventory is more expensive than the Standard Traffic segment. It is highly recommended to increase bids closer to the average cost to win more traffic.


Custom Targets

Even though you use the Selected or Premium Targets, still you can add your own custom targets. As a result, you can compose your own target campaign based on the suggested targets we provide and targets you would like to test.


Zeropark Note: Keep in mind that the custom target limit for a target campaign is set to 15.000. If you want to increase the limit, ask the Customer Success Team or write directly to your Account Manager.

If you track conversions on Zeropark, you can combine Selected / Premium Target campaign with the Rule-Based Optimization functionality. For more information, refer to the Rule-Based Optimization article to check how to set the rules properly and combine those two features to get the best ROI possible.