Zeropark Documentation

Security in Zeropark for Publishers


Learn how to make your Zeropark publisher account more secure by utilizing the two-factor authentication and new login notification features.

Zeropark has two security features available that help to protect your account from getting hacked:

  • New login sessions

  • Two-factor authentication


New Sign-in Sessions

Opt-in by default, you are notified by email anytime a new device logs into your Zeropark account. Once notified, you can act on any suspicious sign-ins by suspending your account and resetting the password.

Suspending your account will:

  1. Send you an email with a new password

  2. Terminate all active sessions

  3. Pause any feeds

  4. Suspend any financial transactions

  5. Require a member of Zeropark Support to reactivate your account

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a method of signing in to the Zeropark platform that requires more than just a password. Using only a password to sign in to any website is vulnerable to security threats because a malicious user only needs one piece of information to gain access to your account. 2FA places an extra layer of security on your account by requiring both your password and a second authentication code while signing in. The only way a user can sign in to your account is if they have your password and the authentication code from your registered mobile device(s). For Zeropark, the additional authentication code will be generated by a Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) mobile app.


Zeropark Tip: To maximize the security on your Zeropark account, it is highly recommended to utilize 2FA on the Zeropark platform.

Before you start turning on the Two-Factor Authentication for you Zeropark, it is required to download and install a Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) application. The TOTP application automatically generates authentication codes that expire and refresh after certain periods of time. TOTP applications are more reliable than using SMS authentication, so 2FA on the Zeropark platform will utilize the TOTP authentication only.

Download one of the following mobile applications:

After installing the TOTP application on your mobile device, set 2FA in the Zeropark platform:

  1. Go to the Account in your profile.

  2. Go to the Security tab.

  3. In the Security tab click the TURN ON button to apply Two-Factor Authentication for your account. The 2FA startup page will show up.

  4. After reading the information about how the authentication process looks like, click the Start setup button.

  5. Scan the barcode image in the pop-up page using the TOTP application. If you cannot scan the QR code from your computer screen, you can always use a text code option. Click the text code in step 1. in the Two-factor authentication pop-up window and next, type the text code to the mobile application field.


    Zeropark Tip: To configure 2FA on multiple devices, you need to follow this step for all devices in the same session; just scan the same QR code by all devices.

    If 2FA is already enabled for a device and you want to add another device, you’ll have to reconfigure all devices again. You need to follow the next step only by one of the devices.I

  6. Input the six-digit code from the application into the field in step 2.

  7. To complete the verification click the Continue button.

  8. You will see the Two-Factor Authentication status is turned on.