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Search Marketplace

Zeropark Search Marketplace lets advertisers deliver brand-safe and user-friendly ads to customers before they even complete their search. 

We enable two types of search traffic — Branded Search and Generic Keyword Search depending on the advertiser’s needs.

  • Branded Search allows redirecting users looking for a brand directly to the brand’s website.

  • Generic Keyword Search allows advertisers for targeting both generic keywords and brand names while redirecting users to relevant pages.

Please note, there are two ways users can interact with search ads.

  • Tiles — the first model, works for both mobile and desktop devices, and are displayed to users before the actual search even happens.

  • Search Autocomplete — the second model, works on both mobile devices, and takes place already during the search.


Branded Search & Generic Keyword Search (Tiles & Search Autocomplete examples)

As the industry-leading ad network, Zeropark helps connect publishers and advertisers enabling both sides to monetize their inventory. That’s why we continuously work on delivering the highest quality services to our partners on both the supply and demand side.

Search Marketplace Integration

For publishers who want to integrate their search traffic supply with the Zeropark ad network, we enable the following integration types:

Requests examples

Direct URL request example:{domain}?adTagId=<adTag_id>&cpm=<cpm>&domainid=<domainid>&keywords=<keyword1,keyword2>&fallbackUrl=<>

The Programmatic RTB (Zeroclick) request example:

  • For XML:<feedid>&useragent=<useragent>&ip=<ip>&keywords=<keyword1,keyword2>&responseformat=XML&domain=<domain>&domainid=<domainid>&pubid=<pubid>&secure=true
  • For JSON:<feedid>&useragent=<useragent>&ip=<ip>&keywords=<keyword1,keyword2>&responseformat=JSON&domain=<domain>&domainid=<domainid>&pubid=<pubid>&secure=true
  • For OpenRTB:

    OpenRTB feed language needs a custom approach and should be discussed with the Zeropark Publisher team on an individual basis.

Search Marketplace APIs
  • Brand Catalog API has been created specifically for fetching details on active Search campaigns. It is recommended to poll the API periodically (at least once every hour) in order to keep the most recent information about brand demand available on the Zeropark platform.

  • Brand Demans API is an API designed specifically for fetching details on active Search campaigns (Search Autocomplete ads). This API takes into consideration user's device and geolocation. Zeropark is able to provide the data about current demand, pricing, and redirect URL.