Zeropark Documentation

Paying with Revolut

Zeropark offers a convenient option to top up your Zeropark account using Revolut finance service. There are two ways of making a payment:

  • Revolut for business. This option requires having a Revolut for business type of an account.

  • Revolut money transfer. A standard money transfer via Revolut with Revolut standard and Revolut for business accounts.

Read the paragraphs below to learn how to make a payment to Zeropark with Revolut.

Payment Rules

Both payment methods must meet the following requirements:

  • Available currencies: USD, EUR

  • Minimal transfer: 1,000 USD/1,000 EUR

Revolut for business

Payment is done between Revolut business accounts. This is the recommended option. In order to make a payment, you have to search for Zeropark account in Revolut:

  1. In Revolut, select the Send option.

  2. Search for: Codewise ZP Sp. z o.o. Spółka Komandytowa

  3. Select the top-up amount and make a payment.

Revolut money transfer

This method is like a regular bank money transfer. Processing this transfer usually takes one working day. In order to make a payment using this method, you have to make a bank transfer in Revolut:

  1. In Revolut, select the bank transfer payment option.

  2. Add a new bank account.

  3. Select a business transfer type.

  4. Select the Codewise's bank country and currency. You can choose between USD and EUR.

  5. Make a payment to the following data:

    Company name: Codewise ZP Sp. z o.o. Spółka Komandytowa

    Account number IBAN: GB31 REVO 0099 6922 2127 93


    Title: ZP Optima id

    Address: Lubicz 17G, Krakow, 31-503, Poland

    Bank / Payment institution: Revolut