Zeropark Documentation

Branded Search campaign

  1. Start by choosing Branded Search as your campaign format.

  2. Provide a name for the campaign in the Campaign name text field.

  3. Select the Status after approval option. This defines if your campaign will run immediately after approval or will wait for your action.

  4. Select the brand you want to advertise from the Brand drop-down menu and view a predefined icon.

  5. You can also add custom brands by typing in the Custom option. In that case, you will have to provide additional information such as:

    a) Brand name

    b) Brand domain

    c) Brand icon


    Zeropark Note: The option of adding custom brands is available during the campaign creation process only. Once the campaign is saved, you won't be able to add a custom brand for this campaign.



    We’ve enabled additional brand keywords to be automatically added to Branded Search campaigns based on their brand URL and the targeted country. This is to make sure that our advertisers don’t miss out on relevant keywords due to various country domains.

    For example, if a Brand Search search campaign has the following setup:

    • Advertised brand Nike

    • Targeted GEO Poland

    ... in addition to standard keywords like ‘nike’ and ‘’, such campaign will also have extra brand keywords added by default.

    The Zeropark system will also add keywords like ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’. 

    Extra brand keywords can be paused by advertisers at any time.

  6. Provide a destination URL in the Destination URL text field. Include all necessary tracking tokens.


    IMPORTANT: Choosing a Branded Search option means users MUST end up on the website of an advertised brand.

  7. Set the payout options


    Zeropark Note: If the payout from the conversion is sent by the offer owner/brand, it can be tracked automatically by choosing the "auto” option. If not, you can set a manual payout amount to be triggered on each conversion.

  8. Select a country you want to target.

  9. OPTIONAL: Enable the Regions/cities targeting toggle to include or exclude certain regions or cities.

    9.1 Click on No regions, provide a name or names of chosen regions, and decide if you want to include or exclude them.



    Zeropark Note: Once you do so, you will be able to only block traffic from selected cities.

    9.2 Click on No cities, provide the names of cities, and decide if you want to include or exclude them.



    Zeropark Note: Once you do so, including or excluding regions will be disabled.

  10. OPTIONAL: Set up device filters and OS and browser targeting options.

  11. Coupon Traffic targeting in Zeropark Branded Search campaigns has been enabled by default, so if you do not wish to receive it please disable the toggle. 


    Coupon traffic comes from sites aggregating various promotions and promo codes for brands, e.g.:

  12. OPTIONAL: Set up frequency filters by turning the toggle on or off and selecting the frequency value from the drop-down menu.

  13. OPTIONAL: Set up day-parting options that define the schedule of your campaign's run.TIP: Sticking to the default value ensures the best combination of volumes and profitability.

  14. Provide a bid value in the Bid text field.

  15. Set your campaign and daily budget options.


    Zeropark Note: The minimum recommended daily budget is $200. The testing period should last 3-5 days

  16. Choose the campaign type from the two options available.


    Zeropark Note: Once you choose the targeting type and save your campaign, you can’t change it in the edit mode.

    a) RON (Run on network) which allows for buying all available traffic based on the campaign targeting setup.

    NOTE: RON campaigns are recommended when launching new campaigns. This is the broadest targeting type available.

    b) Target (Placement Level) which allows you to buy traffic from selected targets only.

    NOTE: Targets can also be added after saving the campaign creation form.

  17. Copy the postback URL to the clipboard, so you will be able to provide it to your tracker or affiliate network.


    Zeropark Note: Use our postback for tracking, don’t forget to append the correct tokens to your postback.

  18. Click the Save and continue button.

  19. Once saved, your campaign will be visible as a Keyword campaign.