Zeropark Documentation

Push Ads Campaigns Guidelines

All push notifications campaigns, their texts, images, landing pages must comply with the requirements specified below.

Creative Assets Specifications
  • Up to 10 active creative sets per campaign

  • Image: min 192×192 px (should always be a square image)

  • Image format: .jpeg or .png

  • Maximum file size: 200Kb

  • No GIF and/or animation

  • Title: max 30 characters

  • Description: max 75 characters

Forbidden categories

No malware, adware, etc. Any campaigns disseminating harmful or malicious software will be rejected.

No trademark violations on landing pages. Please refrain from using company logos and trademarked terms on landing pages without the consent of the trademark owner.


  • Adult campaigns are not allowed on push traffic.


  • We strongly recommend against using rotating offers within one link. Each use of a smartlink in Push Ads will be verified individually. Contact your Account Manager to see if we can approve your smartlink campaign.


  • Auto-downloads and downloads from sources other than Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store are disallowed.

Other restrictions:

The promotion websites or the following content is prohibited on Zeropark:

  • child pornography

  • hate sites

  • radical political ideology or religious views

  • trade in illegal goods or substances

  • weapons and explosives

  • prescribed or illegal drugs

  • tech support

Text Content Guidelines

All text creatives (title and description) used for Push Notifications campaigns must comply with the following requirements:

  • Texts must observe correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation

  • Texts must use correct spacing (no excessive spaces between words and punctuation)

The following is forbidden:

  • The use of aggressive, explicit, violent language.

  • The use of offensive words in any language.

  • The use of sexually provocative or suggestive texts.

  • The use of words, in any context related to data breach or loss, such as “malware”, “virus”, “data loss”, “deleted”, “threat”, “unsafe”, “infected”, “stolen”  and etc.

  • The use of texts that imitate system or site warning/ messages or updates (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, etc.).

  • The use of celebrities or politicians’ names to sensationalize the promoted content (“fake news” and negative representation of the individuals featured).

  • The use of texts, promoting a product or a service on behalf of celebrities or politicians without their official permission and consent.

  • The first letter of the Title should always be capitalized.

  • Excessive and repeated punctuation (e.g. “???”; “?!?!) is not allowed.

Image Content Guidelines

Image creatives in Push Notifications campaigns must comply with the following requirements:

  • Images must be of good quality and resolution.

  • Images must be relevant to the promoted content.

  • Images must be properly oriented, clear and recognizable.

  • GIFs or Animation is not allowed.

The following is forbidden:

  • Nudity (full or partial, including images of people, wearing swimming suits and underwear)

  • Sexually provocative or suggestive images

  • Images of sex toys, sexual intercourse, genitals, masturbation etc.

  • Weapons

  • Provoking and shocking images

  • Scary and offensive images

  • Violent images, depicting gore and dead bodies

  • Zoomed in body parts

  • Political or religious symbols

  • Symbols of Hate Speech

  • Images of celebrities or politicians

  • Images of health conditions and physical deformities (including their graphical representation)

  • Images that imitate system or site warnings (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows)

The criteria described herein are not exhaustive. We reserve the right to reject any campaign we believe could be harmful to users and/or our publishing partners. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.