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Push Calendar Traffic

Calendar Traffic in Zeropark is yet another form of subscription-based push traffic traffic available on desktop macOS and mobile iOS devices. Only this time, ads are displayed to opted-in users in a form of calendar notifications ads.

How does it look?

Calendar traffic offers native-like looks and feels of push notifications ads, while landing your offers straight in the user’s mobile calendar app. There it’ll appear as an upcoming event, and trigger further calendar alerts as the event holding your ad gets closer.

Push notification ads vs. Push calendar notification ads

The main difference between calendar traffic ads and push traffic ads is that there’s no room for an image since the former appears inside the user’s mobile calendar app.

The calendar notification ads should include:

  • Title (please note it needs to be short, 30 characters max.)

  • Description (this will appear in the event’s notes section, 75 characters max.)

  • URL (also displayed inside the calendar’s event)

How does it work?

First, users need to opt-in to receive calendar notification ads. That’s why your ads will only be displayed to highly interested and engaged audiences. And once advertisers set their campaigns, calendar push ads are delivered to subscribed users.

A calendar push notification ad is then shown on the user's device. Even when the device screen is locked, or users are not actively engaging with it at a given moment. 

Upon clicking on the notification ad, a calendar event opens and shows the ad. Once users click on the included URL, they’re redirected to a landing page or promoted offer.

How to launch a Push Calendar Traffic campaign in Zeropark?

Calendar Traffic is a part of the push traffic inventory in Zeropark. That means that advertisers who wish to run Calendar Traffic campaigns with us need to complete the following steps.

  1. Go to your Zeropark account.

  2. Click on the New Campaign button.

  3. Choose Push as your ad format.

  4. Then select the Source campaign type.

  5. Once a campaign creation form is opened, choose In-Page Push as your push type.

  6. Include all the necessary information just as you would with regular push campaigns.


    This means that while creating your campaign, advertisers are required to add a push image for the campaign form to be processed. The image won’t be shown anywhere aside from the Zeropark system.

  7. After the campaign creation form is complete, click Save and Continue.


    Now you’ll be able to add specific sources that offer Calendar Traffic inventory which you’ll receive from the Zeropark representatives upon request.

  8. Choose to Input sources manually and insert the feed names.

  9. Click on Bulk add sources, adjust the bids.

  10. After all desired sources are added, hit Save.

Once approved by the Zeropark Compliance Team, your calendar push traffic campaign will be ready to start receiving traffic.

Calendar Traffic FAQ

Since calendar traffic is a relatively new type of ad format in Zeropark, below you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions regarding calendar traffic campaigns.

What kind of mobile targeting is available with calendar traffic in Zeropark?

Calendar Traffic in Zeropark works for both desktop macOS and mobile iOS. Although iOS inventory is prevailing.

Is desktop targeting also available with calendar traffic in Zeropark?

Yes, it is.

Can advertisers include images with calendar traffic campaigns?

The answer is no — that’s because the calendar apps don’t support the image ad creatives.

Why do advertisers need to add push ad creatives during the campaign creation process in Zeropark?

This is because push calendar traffic in Zeropark is a part of push inventory and thus calendar traffic campaigns are set via the regular push campaign creation form.  Please note we will be working on improving the process in the foreseeable future.

What verticals does Calendar Traffic in Zeropark perform best with?

The best verticals in Zeropark for Calendar Traffic campaigns are Antivirus and Downloads.

What sources in Zeropark provide the Calendar Traffic inventory?

The following sources:

  • icteritious-bittern

  • lurid-turtle

  • violaceous-zebra

  • hoary-impala


If you’d like to try Zeropark Push Calendar Traffic and need further assistance or have questions, please reach out to us at