Zeropark Documentation

Step 5: Check Reports


Create reports by outlining the custom data set and download them in the CSV file format for further viewing and analysis.

In addition to the dashboard statistics overview, you can download or generate specific reports using the Reports tab.

1. Custom Reports

You can create and download custom reports. To do so, click the Create new button and select the report type you want.

  1. Select the report type. You can select between the following types.

    • Ad Tag By Browser

    • Ad Tag By Country

    • Ad Tag By Desktop OS

    • Ad Tag By Mobile OS

    • Overall By Ad tag

    • Overall By Browser

    • Overall By Country

    • Overall By Desktop OS

    • Overall By Mobile OS

    • Overall By Device

    • Overall By Keyword

  2. Select the ad tag.

  3. Provide a name for your report.

  4. Select the report's time range.

  5. Click the Export button.


    You should remember that reports are displayed for your selected time range only. If you want to view an older report you generated in the past, change the time range to the period in which you created the report.

II. Daily Reports

Zeropark also offers a publisher stats API that allows you to remotely extract statistics via our daily updated API. If you need API access, please contact your Account Manager or Zeropark Publishers Team. All generated reports can be also accessed from the panel as ‘Daily’ reports.