Zeropark Documentation

Step 4: Push Traffic


Learn about how the specifics oh push ad tags, how to create and handle them.

The integration of push traffic is quite similar to the integration of redirect traffic. You can do it via XML, JSON or OpenRTB. You have to send us a request every time you send a notification. One request = one notification for one user. You need to remember that we are working only with browser push, and that we only accept notifications from direct publishers.

You can find the documentation on our website. It’s crucial to send all the parameters correctly so we can match your traffic with the right demand. We must have either domain or domain id, we would prefer both, It should refer to a website on which the user allowed notifications. We are working on a CPC model, and will payout on net 30 terms.

Push Ad Tag can be created by a ZP Account Manager. The system will generate a unique feed id, which is required to send us traffic. More information can be found in the documentation. If you do not allow certain ad content, let us know! In your ZP panel you can track the number of requests sent, number of impressions, clicks and payout. If you need API reports, let your Account Manager know, we will activate them for you.

Be aware that we do not count any clicks with a delay from impression longer than 24 hours and we also don’t register duplicated clicks.