Zeropark Documentation

Step 3: Optimization


Get familiar with the list of best practices regarding maximizing your profit as a publisher and becoming a trustworthy source of traffic.

After you set up your feed and start sending traffic, the most important question appears - “How can I reach maximum profit”? There are a few simple things you can do that will boost your CPM, you just need to pay attention to the right things.

What you need to remember is that the CPM and fill rate you can expect depends on how much our advertisers are willing to pay. Therefore, your main goal should be to provide the best possible quality and stability of your traffic - let the advertiser know that your traffic is worth bidding up.


Reputation is key - make sure you’re sending the domains correctly. Blind traffic or targets with weird looking domains are considered less trustworthy.


Clean your traffic - make sure you’re sending high-quality traffic. Rebrokered traffic will never get a high fill rate and if we find bots among your traffic, we can even block your sources and request a chargeback. Keep an eye on what your publishers are sending and send their pubid in the request if you can. If one of your publishers sends shady traffic, we will help you find them and remove the harmful source, so the whole feed performs better.


Keep it slow and steady - avoid sudden and random spikes at all cost. When the volume of your traffic grows or decreases rapidly it means advertisers’ campaigns are vulnerable. They can run out of budget very quickly or lose out on the traffic they were hoping to get. Even if you can’t be in complete control, try to give us a heads-up. One drop or spike is forgivable, but when the unpredictability of your source becomes standard, you’re not going to gain any trusted advertisers we all want to have.


Segmentation baby! - To keep the high- quality of the traffic, you need to have control over it and be able to measure the results. And nothing helps more than smart segmentation. Separate mobile and desktop traffic, keep different types of traffic on different ad tags, and always track what is converting best and stick to that! Pay attention to different geos and OS, see where the CPMs are the highest. Once you start noticing patterns, you will know what to push.


Be careful with changes - although no ad tag is set once till the end of times, and changes are a natural part of the business, you need to make sure you don’t change important things suddenly and often. If you decide to send the traffic to a different endpoint, advertisers that were targeting your old ad tag in their whitelist campaigns will not be able to find it. If you change domainid in your request, the same thing will happen to subids. Be careful with that!

In a perfect world setting up the ad tag and simply letting the traffic flow would result in high payouts. Unfortunately (or not) this process is more complicated and requires your time and attention. But give it a bit of effort and love, and you’ll definitely see the results!