Zeropark Documentation

Step 2: Explore Dashboard


Learn how to quickly find all relevant information about your traffic in the publisher's dashboard view in Zeropark.

The Zeropark dashboard is the first view you see when you log in. Here you can find a summary of all relevant details for the selected time range and traffic type. Pop/Domain and Push traffic have separate dashboards which can be switched between in the top left corner of the panel.


Both traffic types have different metrics for performance monitoring.

Pop/Domain Metrics
  • Raw - all requests sent

  • Sellable - requests that were not filtered out and disregarded

  • Sold - number of sold visit

  • Invalidated visits - number of visits that were not sold due to invalidation

  • Revenue - generated payout

  • CPM - average cost per mile (1000 views)

Push metrics
  • Raw - all requests sent

  • Impressions - number of notifications displayed

  • Clicks - number of notification clicks

  • Revenue - generated payout

  • CPC - average cost per click

The Dashboard View

The dashboard is divided into the following sections:

Traffic – shows your overall traffic and revenue statistics.


Top Countries – shows your traffic performance by country.

Browsers and OS overview – shows your traffic performance by browser, desktop and mobile OS.

Tabular data – shows more granular performance data per ad tag, keyword, device, target (domain/subid) and country.

To select a different time range, click the “Time range” dropdown menu and select one of the predefined options or set your own custom time range.