Zeropark Documentation

Step 2: Checking the Dashboard


Monitor the performance of your ad tags by looking into raw and sellable or invalid visits data in the publisher's dashboard.

Once you finish creating your first ad tags, it’s crucial to monitor their performance using the tools available on the Zeropark platform. The information included there enables you to spot potential issues and optimize the traffic you send us to boost your revenue.

Raw vs Sellable Visits

The first thing you should pay attention to is how many of your requests can actually be sold. At the top of your dashboard, you can find a general summary of your traffic’s performance, also represented in the chart below. Significant differences between raw visits and sellable visits indicate that many of your requests are being filtered and are not being sold.


In the case of Zeroclick feeds, we don’t respond with bids for those visits - you will receive a 0 bid response. Similarly, with redirect URL ad tags, unsold visits will go to your fallback.

Contact Zeropark Publisher Team to work this issue out.

Invalidated Visits

The other stats that nobody wants to see growing, are invalidated visits. You can see their total number in the Tabular Data section of your Dashboard.


Invalidation happens after we win the visit and you send us a visitor, meaning that you see such visit as sold, but on our side, we don’t count it for your revenue. There are various reasons for invalidating traffic. First of all, make sure that there are no mismatches between request and actual visitor data. The publisher team can provide you with further details, so don’t hesitate and ping us at if you see anything alarming. High % of invalidated traffic will cause bigger discrepancies between yours and our statistics.

Also, many campaigns are keywords based. You can see the list of your keywords in the information about the feed. Check if it looks valid, you can lose some demand due to incorrect formatting or other issues with sending this data. As with optimizing your ad tags, the performance takes more than looking at general stats, use all the available tools to see what works best for you. You can choose from different dashboard sections providing charts and tabular data. Good fill rates indicate the direction to go for further development.