Zeropark Documentation

Step 1: Pop/Domain Ad Tag Types


Read about differences between the two ad tag types, their advantages and disadvantages.

Here's the good news: you can send traffic in 3 ways!

Once you get through the verification process it’s time to decide how you’re going to send us your traffic. Depending on your needs and possibilities you can choose Zeroclick (used for XML, JSON and OpenRTB integration) or a redirect URL. No matter what you choose, you need to send traffic separated by Ad tags. One endpoint = one Ad tag, simple as that. If you have different types of traffic, you may need different Ad tags. If all your traffic is similar, you will only need one.


Now, if you use XML, JSON or OpenRTB to integrate you’re gonna need to use the Zeroclick feed. With this feed you send us a request, we parse it and reply with the bid and campaign URL. If we win the auction, the visitor you’re sending will be redirected to the URL under the “redirecturl” parameter of the response. You set up the name, the fallback and choose one of the above options from the last step. You can see the exemplary request and response in your panel, just remember to populate the exemplary parameters (domain, keywords) with your data. Sending real domains is crucial. We don’t accept blind domain feeds. Once your feed is accepted, you can start sending requests. Sending the right parameters helps match your traffic with the right supply so don’t underestimate this!

Redirect URL

If you don’t have the possibility of integrating using any of the above formats or if you prefer to use a simple redirect, you need to use “URL” ad tag type.

With this type of ad tag you’ll get the URL (including CPM and fallback parameters) that you need to redirect your visitors to. It couldn’t be more simple! With simplicity comes limitations though. You can’t decide in real time whether you actually sell the visit based on the bid Zeropark returns. It is based on whether the bid meets the CPM set by you in the URL. If there is no demand at your floor CPM price in our system, the visitor will go to the fallback. That means that you can not ask for the price from multiple partners at the same time.


Zeropark Note: You need to set a fallback, otherwise traffic that is not bought by Zeropark will be lost. Also keep in mind that you need to have these parameters set in the URL in your system, not only set on the Zeropark platform.