Zeropark Documentation

Step 1: Provide Account Details


Read the following walkthrough of a publisher's account setup in Zeropark, where you can provide or change your personal or bussines information.

Once you’ve created your publisher account and it has been verified and approved, you can log in to your publisher panel.

To start working with us, first you need to provide some additional account information. To do this, navigate to your account settings by clicking your account name in the upper right corner of the screen.

I. Contact Information

Please fill in all the requested contact details. This enables us to easily locate your contact information when needed and quickly contact you when required.

II. Billing Information and Invoicing

Once you’ve provided all your contact details, please make sure you enter your billing information so we can process payouts in a timely manner. Payments will be done within 30 days counted from the end of the month the invoice is issued for.

Zeropark offers you payouts either via bank wire transfer or PayPal; however, the minimum payout for bank wire transfers is $1,000.

With Zeropark you also have the option to use automated invoicing. If you enable this option, Zeropark will automatically generate a monthly invoice for you that includes due revenue, account refunds, bonuses and chargebacks. To activate the feature contact your Account Manager or Zeropark Publishers Team.

III. Change Password

If you need to reset your password you can do this in the Change password tab; see the screenshot:

IV. Security

Adjust your settings for security to keep your business safe.

  • New login notifications will inform you about logins from new devices and allows you to suspend account in an emergency.

  • Two-factor authentication is another layer of security based on passcodes from an authentication app - highly recommended.

  • Authorized applications are permitted devices with remote access via ZeroPark Publisher app.