Zeropark Documentation

Offer Wall

The Offer Wall in Zeropark lets you explore some of the best available affiliate programs and offers provided by our partner networks and direct merchants. What’s more, when running those offers with Zeropark’s traffic you get a special bonus provided by our partners.


Zeropark Note: The feature is only available for customers who have already made their first deposit. If you’re one of them, the Offer Wall is visible in your account under the Deals / Offer wall tabs.


The unique deal presented by each of the networks & direct advertisers is determined fully by them. It may range from a faster approval process, through extra loyalty points, to higher payouts. All the restrictions applied by the partner can be seen after clicking on the More Details button.


The terms and conditions of working with the listed partners are set individually by each partner, so make sure you read all the available information to find out if and how you can obtain their bonus.


If you want to take advantage of the presented deal, you must use the blue button within our system when signing up, so the network can apply the bonus to your account in the future.


Zeropark Note: The companies listed in the Offer Wall are fully responsible for handling your account within their systems, including payouts and applying your unique bonuses, so in case of any issues, contact the respective company.