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Types of Inventory Available


Read about different inventory types that Zeropark offers. Learn which one suits your needs and requirements best.

Zeropark offers you different inventory types to select for your campaign. They differ between each other by their price and conversion rates.

Read more about each type below:

Traffic Type: Pre-Selected

Powered by machine learning, Pre-Selected Traffic is Zeropark’s flagship inventory type. It will propel your campaigns with traffic from the globally best-performing targets based on data from the last seven days, resulting in ever-increasing efficiency in your advertising efforts.

By selecting the Pre-Selected traffic segment, you’re subscribing your campaigns to a constant flow of traffic from targets characterized by high conversion rates over the last seven days. We update the list of those proven targets every 12 hours.

This traffic segment is available in the Inventory type section when starting new or editing existing RON, MultiGEO, and Keyword Campaigns.


Zeropark Tip: Combine Pre-Selected Traffic with Rule-Based Optimization. Setting if/then rules that reflect your needs will optimize your campaigns so you can get the most out of Pre-Selected Traffic and upscale to ride the wave of a high ROI.

Traffic Type: Premium and Standard

The other inventory types for Pop campaigns are as follows:

  • Premium: (Recommended) High quality filtered and approved traffic at competitive bids

  • Standard: Standard Run-of-network traffic at lower bids

Optimization and Restrictions

  • Premium and Standard Inventory campaigns: They can be optimized at the Source and Target level with pausing and custom bids. Once the Premium or Standard campaign is saved, you can switch the campaign between those two inventory types, but cannot select the Remnant inventory type.


Zeropark Note: Due to the nature of Remnant traffic and fixed rates it’s sold on, the optimisation is possible only on the source level. Remnant traffic in Zeropark is non-refundable.

This feature is available for the following campaign types:

  • Pop - Run-of-network (Pop RON) campaigns

  • Pop- Multi-Geo - RON campaigns

Traffic Type: Remnant

The remnant traffic is an unsold traffic that is available for a flat price. As it cannot be targeted, it is available only for RON or multi-geo Pop campaign. Note that once you start your campaign, you will not be able to switch it to the remnant traffic.

Selecting Traffic Inventory Type in a Campaign

While creating a new campaign, you can opt-in for a traffic Inventory in the campaign’s settings panel:


Minimal Bids

Minimal bids vary between country tiers and inventory types.

  • Pre-selected campaigns

    • TIER 1: $0.0010

    • TIER 2: $0.0010

    • TIER 3: $0.0005

  • Premium campaigns

    • TIER 1: $0.0010

    • TIER 2: $0.0010

    • TIER 3: $0.0005

  • Standard campaigns

    • TIER 1: $0.0001

    • TIER 2: $0.0001

    • TIER 3: $0.0001