Zeropark Documentation

In-App Native Ads: Campaign Guidelines

All native in-app ads campaigns, their texts, images, landing pages must comply with the requirements specified below.


Zeropark Note: For more information please check also Letgo Official Community Guidelines.

Creative Asset Specifications:
  1. Title: max length - 25 characters

  2. Description: max length — 85 characters

  3. Image: required size - 700x280px

  4. Icon: required size - 60x60px

  5. Call-to-Action: max-length - 15 characters. If not present, a „Read More” button will be placed.

  • Creatives and/or landing pages must be of good quality and/or resolution. This includes proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and text spacing.

  • Creatives must not include political, religious or shocking images and intimidating tactics.

  • Before/after photos, pictures of pills in creative are not allowed

  • Using creatives showing unrealistic results or unproven skin treatment are prohibited

  • Use of trademarks and brand logos is allowed only with the consent of the trademark owner.

  • Promoting products or services not related to the brand is not allowed.

  • Misrepresentation of affiliation with the brand is not allowed.

  • Use of famous brands on creatives is not allowed.

  • Adult content and sexually provocative or suggestive images (nudity, full or partial; bare chest etc) are not allowed.

  • Title and description cannot imply potential unrealistic results, unchecked promises like: “Look 10 years younger”, “Do This (Before Bed), Burn 60 Lbs Of Belly Fat In 2 Weeks”

  • Smartlinks, rotating landing pages/offers are not allowed.

  • Suggestive language is not acceptable. Is not allowed to suggest potential threats or possible viruses. False statements like “Your device has been infected by (3) viruses”, “PC is in danger!”, “You have been hacked” are prohibited.

  1. Bad creatives: not understandable text:

  2. Bad creative: Disgusting content

  3. Bad creative: shocking images

  4. Bad creative: fake news

  5. Good creative: brand promoting own product

  6. Bad creative: promoting products or services not related to the brand

  7. Bad creative: misrepresentations of affiliation with the brand by sending fake messages

  8. Bad creative: Use of famous brands on creatives with scare practices.

  9. Bad creatives: sexually provocative or suggestive images


Creatives and/or Native In-App Ads campaigns will be rejected due to the following rules:

  • Creatives with images of poor quality or low resolution

  • Creatives not related to the promoted content

  • Creatives that imitate system or applications warnings, messages or updates

  • Full, partial nudity, sexually provocative or suggestive images (nudity, full or partial; bare chest etc)..

  • Use of words, in any context related to data breach or loss, such as “malware”, “virus”, “data loss”, “deleted”, “threat”, “unsafe”, “infected”, “stolen”  and etc.

  • Use of sexually provocative, aggressive, vulgar, violent or offensive wording in any language

  • Use of celebrities or politicians’ names to sensationalize the promoted content (“fake news” and negative representation of the individuals featured)

  • The use of texts, promoting a product or a service on behalf of celebrities or politicians without their official permission and consent

  • Promoting prohibited content

  • Use of prohibited practices



Zeropark Note: The remaining balance of any accounts banned due to advertiser guideline violations will not be refunded.

Prohibited content:

  • Antivirus

  • Adult Content

  • Dating

  • Male enhancements or erectile dysfunction products

  • Violent pornography and sexualization of minors

  • Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco Products

  • CBD and Cannabis related products/offers

  • Tech Support

  • Illegal or illicit content and activities

  • Trade-in illegal goods or substances

  • Weapons, explosives and other dangerous content

  • Violent, shocking, frightening, or provoking images and websites

  • Use of politicians or celebrities' names and pictures

  • Radical political ideology, religious views or other propaganda materials

  • Hate Speech and Discrimination

  • Political advertising

  • Fake news

  • Medical masks and hand sanitizers

  • Direct Competitors for Letgo

Prohibited practices:

  • Lack of domain (destination URL is an IP address).

  • Auto-downloads (without user consent and click).

  • Spreading malware (i.e. viruses, trojans, ransomware, adware, spyware, rootkits).

  • Copyright infringement.

  • Trying to run adult campaigns.

  • Running pages with no exit (i.e. text boxes that are too large to close, browsing lockers, back-button hijack).

  • Video or sound clips with excessive volume.

  • Rotating or substitution of allowed with prohibited content.

  • Phishing, imitation of interfaces of well-known sites (e.g. online shops, messengers, applications, banks, government institutions).

  • Cloaking, any techniques for hiding real content.

The criteria described herein are not exhaustive. We reserve the right to reject any campaign at any time, which we believe could be harmful to users and/or our publishing partners.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at