Zeropark Documentation

In-page Push Ads

Zeropark implemented a new ad format called in-page push. Although these ads look like push notifications, they’re actually banner ads. Because in-page push ads are displayed directly on websites, users don’t have to subscribe to receive them.

Characteristics of In-page Push Traffic

The display mechanism is very similar to the standard banner ads, but in-page push ads were designed specifically to look like the standard push notifications. Here are the main characteristic:

  • In-page push ads look similar to push ads but they’re actually banner ads.

  • In-page push ads are shown directly on a publisher’s website.

  • In-page push ads don’t require subscriptions lists.

  • In-page push ads work on both desktop and mobile devices, iOS included.

  • In-page push ads are immediate, they’re displayed to users the moment the bidding is won.

  • In-page push ads are not affected by Chrome 80 update.

How to Run In-Page Push Traffic Campaigns

In-page push campaign creation process doesn't differ from the standard one. Follow these simple steps to start your in-page push advertising campaigns.

  1. Start a push traffic campaign with a targeting of your choice.

  2. In the campaign creation form, choose whether you want to receive:

    • push traffic only,

    • in-page push traffic only,

    • both push and in-page push traffic.

  3. Complete the campaign creation process by submitting all required information in the campaign creation form.


Important: By default, all existing push campaigns have in-page push traffic enabled as well. If you don’t want to receive in-page push traffic, edit your push campaigns and uncheck the In-page push checkbox in a campaign's edit mode.