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Using HTTPS in Your Campaigns


Read about what a secure connection is and how does it work. Learn about the benefits of using HTTPS in your campaigns.

The digital world is moving to HTTPS protocol. So is Zeropark. But why is it important and what does it have to do with your campaigns? Here are your answers.

What’s Happening?

HTTPS is becoming a standard. Previously, it only had been used to protect sensitive data, but the definition of sensitive data was up to the web service owner. Using it for payment or registration forms is a must, but it’s not for the service owner to decide what is ‘sensitive’ to the end user.

That’s why browser providers require websites to use HTTPS by default, to protect all data with encrypted data transfer. Therefore, websites using HTTP are marked as "not secure" by default.

Following Google and Apple, Zeropark adjusts its policy regarding the redirect links. As our main goal is to deliver you high quality, converting traffic, we want to ensure that your performance meets your expectations.


Zeropark Note: Since October 1st, 2018, creating a new campaign with HTTP link is impossible on Zeropark. This way, none of our users can be exposed to low performance due to browser notifications.

On Which Browsers is This Already on?

  • Google Chrome 68 shows all HTTP websites as "not secure" (since July 2018)

  • Safari on iOS 11.3 and macOS 10.13.4 and newer indicate ‘Website Not Secure (since spring 2018)

Seems like only two of them is not a big deal? They stand for about 74.18% of the market (Chrome: 59.69%; Safari: 14.49% as of August 2018). Mozilla already plans to join this practice, the rest will most probably follow them.

How Does It Affect Your Campaigns?

If you don’t use HTTPS in your campaigns, you might not be aware of the fact that you limit your performance on the two major web browsers. The "not secure" notifications prevent visitors to complete the action you would like them to take. Especially on mobile, where the message is much more visible.

On the other side, there are the gains that you can get while using SSL. You can check the case study made by our fellow Voluum team, talking about performance improvement even as big as 400%

What Actions Should You Take?

Simply put, use SSL in your domains. If you already do that or plan to, make sure your entire redirect path is encrypted with SSL. Otherwise, the users will be displayed ‘leaving safe connection’ message and you’ll risk part of them leaving your funnel.

Make sure you are prepared for this change. Using a Tracker? With Voluum, you can buy the SSL certificate straight in the platform!