Zeropark Documentation

(Beta Features) Fullscreen Table View


Get the full view of your data with the fullscreen table feature in Zeropark. Work comfortably without any distractions.

The Fullscreen Table view lets you see all your campaigns with no distractions and take action on them. The view opens in a new tab and is customizable, so you can choose which columns you want to see.

To open the Fullscreen Table view, click on the button in your main Zeropark screen:


The screen opens in a new tab, so if you want to go back to the standard view, simply switch to the previous tab.

The Fullscreen Table view lets you perform actions such as pause/resume/delete a campaign or set/remove a custom bid.


You can also filter your campaigns by ad format and go into the details of your campaigns by clicking on their name. From there you can see the tabs like Keywords, Sources, Targets and Creatives, depending on the campaign type, and perform actions on them.


It’s also possible to select a different time range that you want to display.


If you’re not interested in some of the columns, you can customize what’s displayed. Your view is saved locally, so whenever you come back, you will have the same configuration as before, provided you log in from the same computer and browser.


Last but not least, there’s the Feedback Icon. Click it and let your thoughts be known in the input field. We strongly recommend sharing your opinion on the Fullscreen Table view, so we know how to improve this feature to make it even more valuable for you.