Zeropark Documentation

Quickstart a New In-App Native Campaign

What Are Native In-App Ads?

These ads are displayed within the context of a mobile app. They resemble normal offers that mobile apps serve in their design. Here is how they work:

  1. A user browses through an app with or without typing in a specific search query.

  2. When a user scrolls to ad placement, a real-time auction occurs for all advertisers whose targeting criteria match the ad placements.

  3. If your campaign wins the auction, a winning ad is then displayed to a user.

Setting up an In-App Native Campaign

To create an in-app native campaign, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the New campaign button.

  2. Select the In-App Native traffic type.

  3. Select the ad format. Currently, you have only one ad format available in this category: Native In-App.

  4. Provide a name for a campaign in the Campaign name text field.

  5. Select the status after approval.

  6. Set up a creative:

    • Drag & drop an image or browse your hard drive to upload it. Remember that image dimensions have to be exactly 700 x 280 pixels.

    • Provide an ad title and a description.

    • Upload an ad icon image and provide a text for a CTA button. The default CTA button text is "Read more".

    Click the native7.png button to crop your image to the required dimensions.

  7. Provide a destination URL to your landing page, offer, or ad tracker in the Destination URL text field.

  8. Select if you want to have payouts tracked automatically by selecting the Auto option or select the Manual option and provide a payout value.

  9. Set the geo-targeting options. Currently, this type of traffic is available in two countries:

    • United States

    • Turkey

  10. Set device filters. Currently, this type of traffic is supported on mobile Android devices only. However, you can still select the oldest and newest Android version to target.

  11. Set the frequency filtering.

  12. Provide a bid value in the Bid text field.

  13. Set the campaign budget limit.

  14. Set the daily budget limit.

  15. Click the native6.png button to copy the postback URL to the clipboard. Remember to update it with correct tokens. Read the Tracking article to learn more.

  16. Once finished, click the Save button.


Your campaign will now go through the approval process. Once it is approved, provided you have set the status after approval to Active and that you have some funds on your account, your campaign will run.