Zeropark Documentation

Coronavirus Campaign Guidelines



  • The following guidelines apply to all ad formats available in Zeropark.

  • All campaigns must comply with the requirements specified below.

  1. Please be informed that any campaigns using coronavirus related angle for advertising purposes will be rejected.

  2. Usage of terminology related to the coronavirus pandemic is strictly prohibited. Such terms include:

    • coronavirus

    • covid

    • covid-19

    • any variations of the terms listed above.

  3. Usage or display of coronavirus related terminology is strictly prohibited in all areas pertaining to an ad. These areas include:

    • headlines

    • ad descriptions,

    • CTAs,

    • images,

    • icons,

    • landing pages,

    • offers

  4. Deceptive content — campaigns making false claims and/or spreading deceptive content related to the coronavirus pandemic will be rejected. Deceptive content includes, for example, making claims that promoted products:

    • protect users from coronavirus

    • heal users from coronavirus

  5. Fake news — campaigns making false claims and/or spreading fake news related to the coronavirus pandemic will be rejected. Fake news includes the usage of false information to promote offered products, for example:

    • the whole country is on lockdown,

    • people dying on the streets

    • empty shops

  6. Fake endorsement — campaigns spreading information about other people giving any claims about coronavirus will be rejected. This includes using:

    • authorities

    • medical staff

    • famous people

  7. Individual products — campaigns without the coronavirus related angle but promoting self-protection products are acceptable as long as there’s no mention of the coronavirus pandemic. Self-protection products include:

    • hand sanitizers

    • face masks

    • disposable gloves

The criteria described herein are not exhaustive. We reserve the right to reject any campaign at any time, which we believe could be harmful to users and/or our publishing partners.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at